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So, Emily and I made the trip to Lowell with a little luck and no major malfunctions. We’ve got the internet on in the apartment, and we officially have one, count ’em, chair. We’re still waiting on that couch, but I feel like I’m sufficiently settled to start putting down a few roots as well as a few feelers out into the local photography community.

I met with Rich Pizzuti of Pizzuti Studios

He and his wife Ash put together a great studio that offers a really solid wedding photography service. If you check out their website you’ll see what I mean. The shots are at once well thought out and seemingly casual. It’s a deadly combination that really puts the celebration of the wedding at the fore. You don’t see the incredible stress of the day itself, the incessant need to make everything go exactly right that runs like an alternating current through the bridesmaids line. Instead you see fun. You see a group of people getting together and having a great time, which is really what I think most couples want at their wedding.

We talked for awhile about how he got started and where Pizzuti Studios is now.

They are really only a couple of years into the game, but it already feels like they are decades ahead of where I am right now. I have a feeling that once you get into it you pick up what you need to know quickly or you quickly find out that this type of shooting just isn’t for you. I’ve done it three times for money and so far I just want to keep on doing it.

The other local wedding photographer I met was Anne Ruthmann, the famous Anne Ruthmann I’ve been told. Anyone getting into the business in New England should find a way to get some of her time as she’s a great photographer, but she’s genuinely looking to open up opportunities for people to do what it is that they want to do with their lives, and that’s rare.

Anne’s page is here

Her blog is here

We spent a few hours chatting in her studio over on Western Avenue. Somehow the conversation wound through every topic from film photography to starting up a small indie arts paper in Lowell.

Anne is one of those people that seem to have a few hundred projects going at once and like it that way.

Anne turned me on to a few local photography groups, and I’ll be headed out to a meeting of the Boston PUG on Feb. 8 and hope to meet a few more of the local photographers and potentially land a few second shooter gigs to help pump up my portfolio.

Both Anne and Rich are incredibly different people with startlingly contrasting outlooks on not just weddings but on photography in general and on life. That’s a hard statement if you want evidence from me, but that’s what I feel in comparing the two. But, at any rate, it has been a long time since I’ve really dialogued with other photographers and I think that whatever we happened to talk about in any case that I learned something from it.

In the end I am still working on booking that first gig but it feels good to at least have my foot in one door that may lead to others. It’s like coming in out of the rain.


About ryanmlong

Long is a working professional writer and photographer since he graduated from Michigan State University. He cut his teeth at the Wrangell Sentinel and before long started his own photography business specializing in shooting sports. Today he specializes in wedding and portrait photography but still gets up to his old habit of heading out for a morning of nature and landscape shooting. Long also works as a freelance writer, primarily for Demand Media Studios.
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