LSAT Recap

So, yesterday was the day that I sat in a classroom with about fifteen other highly nervous individuals to take the Law School Admissions Test.

The test consisted of exactly what the test normally consists of and I’ve got no horror stories to tell. Hopefully, this means that my performance was on par with my average performance in practice and the only surprises I’ll get when I finally get to see my real score will be good ones.

I can’t actually talk about any of the content of the sections, but I think I’m safe with talking about the things that everyone knows, namely the four regular sections and the experimental section in terms of overall difficulty and my expectations regarding the outcome of each on my score.

The Analytical Reasoning sections seemed fairly simple and mostly straightforward and I feel confident that I got 3 or fewer wrong. I’m fairly certain I knew which section was the experimental and which was the real deal, and I hope that I’m right. The experimental section seemed much simpler in some respects while being a bit more deceptive or strangely worded in others.

I really don’t remember the Logical Reasoning sections or any one particular question as being a standout. I’m guessing I got 3-5 wrong on each section, though depending on whether I was on or off I could have aced both.

The Reading Comprehension section came last for me and if you look around the internet you’ll see a fairly sturdy consensus regarding that particular game. That consensus being that it was tough. One section was tougher than others and I’m estimating that I missed somewhere between 5-7.

So, worse case scenario I missed 20 and finished with a raw score of 81 (163-165). A likely other scenario would be that I finished with a raw score of 89 and could have up to a 170-171. I expect my score to be somewhere in between there and that would match fairly closely to my average for my last 20 practice tests (169.5).

So, anyway, I felt the need to do a little analysis aloud here and I’ll work on getting back to our regularly scheduled program over the week.

Oh, one last thing, yes, it feels great to be done.


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Long is a working professional writer and photographer since he graduated from Michigan State University. He cut his teeth at the Wrangell Sentinel and before long started his own photography business specializing in shooting sports. Today he specializes in wedding and portrait photography but still gets up to his old habit of heading out for a morning of nature and landscape shooting. Long also works as a freelance writer, primarily for Demand Media Studios.
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