About Ryan M Long Photography:

Ryan M Long Photography is all about great photos and helping you have a great time on your wedding day. We are actively looking for clients with fresh ideas ready to buck tradition and take their day over the top just as fervently as we are looking for couples with more reserved tastes.

At Ryan M Long Photography you can expect some of the best service in the industry and light-speed turnaround on web-sized facebook albums for you to share with friends while the high-resolution custom prints and files go through the post-processing and printing process.

Planning a wedding is stressful enough. Book now with Ryan M Long Photography and know that, no matter what else might go wrong, the photos will come out right.

About Ryan M Long

Ryan M Long is a working professional writer and photographer since he graduated from Michigan State University. He cut his teeth at the Wrangell Sentinel and before long started his own photography business specializing in shooting sports.

Today, he specializes in wedding and portrait photography but still gets up to his old habit of heading out for a morning of nature and landscape shooting. Long also works as a freelance writer, primarily for Demand Media Studios.


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